2017 Special Event by Working Team of mini-video contest in Public Relations Committee of JSIDRE

Wow! Good Video 2017 - Mini video contest -

The Public Relations Committee of JSIDRE will invite videos to introduce agricultural rural engineering widely as follows.

Deadline: July 31, Monday
Video limit time: within 60 seconds
Theme: Agricultural water

Application method: You just upload the video to YouTube with three designated tabs.
Review method: The public relations committee decide one of the best awards and two outstanding prizes.
Prize money: Best award (1 viedo) -> 20,000 yen, excellent prize (2 videos) -> 10,000 yen each

Awards ceremony: August 30, 2017 A meeting room of JSIDRE annual meeting (Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture Nihon University college Resources department)

Upload method:

  1. Create a video
  2. Upload to YouTube (see below)
  3. Put three words into the tag. (jsidre2017, video, agricultural water)
  4. Send the following information to the Public Relations Committee by e-mail (jsidre.eizo@gmail.com) including your information (name, age, gender, affiliation, contact address, URL of YouTube video) which is necessary for sending winning prize money
Reference material (in Japanese):
  1. How to upload videos from PC to YouTube, http://douga-tec.com/?p=4974
  2. To upload videos from smartphone to YouTube - Introduction to android, http://android.f-tools.net/Q-and-A/YouTube-Upload.html
  3. y2017 versionz How to upload videos to Youtube (YouTube), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1slFYR0KlY

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